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Log Title: A Christmas Anniversary
Location: Owlery
Characters Involved: Lanisa Czerednikow (jubliantrise ) and Thadeus Jay (ratherjaded )
Summary of Log: Lanisa and Tad celebrate Christmas together!
Rating: G

Most people wouldn’t have chosen the Owlery as a meeting point, especially one to mark something as romantic as an anniversary. Still, for Lanisa, this place held more meaning than something majestic like the courtyard or some place private like the Astronomy Tower. The weather today had perhaps advised against venturing outside on Christmas day. The wind was hollering in at high speeds with no indication of slowing down any time soon and was giving way for the snow that was sure to hit later on in the day. But then again, the Owlery had been the first place where her and Tad had kissed, where they had made the decision to be girlfriend and boyfriend. At first, Lanisa was disappointed to see that the mistletoe from last year was missing, but she had since conjured her own – making the colors gold and red instead.

She had added a few streamers, banners and bows here and there in order to make the place look a little livelier and most of the owls were now gaping at her in utter confusion. Humming a Christmas carol under her breath, she placed the finishing touches on her decorations – adding a festive bow on any poor owl that was unfortunate enough to fly past her.

What Lanisa was probably looking forward to the most though was giving Tad his Christmas present. She had actually bought his gift quite some time ago – before she had been kidnapped actually. She had been browsing about the shops in Hogsmeade when she had come across a leather-bound journal whose pages were designed like music sheets instead of lined paper. Tad had long since expressed an interest in music and now he would be able to compose songs comfortably without having to use billions pieces of scrap paper.


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Dec. 26th, 2008 08:24 pm (UTC)
For some reason, Tad was nervous. He had no idea why, it wasn't as though he didn't see Lanisa every day anyway. Sure, this was the first anniversary of their relationship and it was kind of a big deal, but it wasn't as if there was anything to worry about. It had been a big year. A lot had happened. They were just acknowledging that they'd come through it all. No big deal.

He'd brought his guitar with him. His parents had long since stopped sending money, of course. After threatening to move out last summer he had no chance of them sending him anything, in case he saved it for future rent on a new place this summer, he supposed. What they didn't realise was that if he had to live in a shop doorway, he was moving out whether they liked it or not. As it was, he'd had no money to buy presents, so he'd done his best to give other kinds of gifts, and he'd written Lanisa a song.

As he reached the door to the owlery, he quickly glanced behind him, in case someone else was heading up this way as well, before he pushed the door open.

"Wow..." he said, looking around at the decorations and setting his guitar in a corner. "Check this place out..." He paused and glanced at Lanisa, feeling suddenly a little awkward, though he couldn't say why.

"Merry Christmas, Lanisa."
Dec. 28th, 2008 03:05 pm (UTC)
Lanisa was in the middle of dyeing some poor snowy owl’s feathers green and red when she heard the door creak open. She greeted Tad with a smile as he set his guitar down and tucked her wand in the back pocket of her trousers. “Bit too much?” she asked tentatively finally looking around to see the festive damage she had done to the place. Well, the Owlery didn’t look too bad – she had only spruced it up for the holidays after all! Besides, who said owls didn’t deserve some eye candy once and a while, eye candy in this case meaning a nice place to live in.

“Merry Christmas to you Tad,” she replied, approaching her boyfriend to give him a heartfelt hug. “You have a nice morning with Blake then? Was reading his entry just before on the network and it sounded like he was quite giddy about today. Guess he’s having a good day then huh? I hope he didn’t wake you up at the crack of down though to open up presents... Although for some reason, I think I pity Jack’s dorm mates more in this case…”

She reached around and picked up a rectangular-shaped package, which was wrapped in snowman-patterned blue wrapping paper. There was a big red bow on top of it as well. “Here I got this for you,” she said, extending the present out so that her boyfriend could take it. “Go on, open it… I promise it won’t bite you.”
Dec. 30th, 2008 04:29 pm (UTC)
"N-no, it's fine, I just-" He paused when they broke apart from their hug and and looked around him again. "You've really gone to a lot of trouble.... Blake was fine, first I heard of him was his screaming when he tried to run up the girls' staircase and slid back down again. He gave up after a while I think and just waited for Mags to come down... I'm thinking Jack probably didn't go to bed. He seems to take any and every opportunity to piss about instead of doing normal things... like sleeping. I'm thinking Christmas Eve wasn't really any exception for him."

He looked up at his girlfriend for a moment and took the gift from her, somewhat tentatively as though it could possibly be meant for anyone else in the room. He wasn't exactly sure what she'd been able to think of to get for him, to be honest, but when he opened it he couldn't help but smile. "Lanisa..." he said, looking up at her and hugging her again. "Thanks - you know, it's funny you should think of that 'cause... well my parents cut me off after the whole moving out thing and all - so I wrote a song for you. That's why I brought my guitar up here with me."
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