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Log Title: To Where You Are
Location: Quidditch Field
Characters Involved: Mags Rowley (peacelovechaser ) and Jack Tracey (yearsahead )
Summary of Log: Mags is reflecting on some bad decisions.
Rating: G

She had been lying there for ages. The Quidditch practice had ended well over an hour ago and while everyone had gone back to the common room, Mags had lingered behind, as it had become a common habit of hers to do so lately. And so, here she was, lying in the middle of the Quidditch field with her arms and legs spread out like a starfish. She had no desire to return to the Gryffindor Tower just yet. Maybe most people had stopped discussing Blake’s disappearance on the network, but she could still feel people’s eyes on her whenever she walked into a room or the hushed silence that suddenly seemed to dawn on everyone when they noticed she was present. And she was sick of it. Those sympathetic looks she got from some of the students were just as bad as the sniggering she would receive from others. Sometimes she wished that she could go back to last year, back when she was a nobody and no one even knew her name.

She could see her breath billowing out into the air in white wisps of smoke. It was actually freezing outside, but for some reason, the aching feeling gnawing at her chest had numbed her body to the near Arctic climate. But she wasn’t going to cry. No she had done enough of that already and she refused to spill any more tears on that bastard. She had tried to convince herself endlessly over the past couple of weeks that she was well over Blake Parker, but then why couldn’t she function properly again? Why was she even more distant in class and why was she suddenly letting Ruby take over the practices without even realizing she had done so till the players were hitting the showers? Was she that affected by Blake’s decision to run off with Abigail Jay?

Maybe she’d get over it some day… like she had eventually managed to get over Dante. But this time around it felt different. Her and Blake had been dating, he had promised to show her with real love was… well apparently it included being embarrassingly dumped in front of the whole school. Who knew at this point… dating and relationships were a foreign concept to her and the more she tried, the more confused she got and as a result, the more heartbroken she would be in the end.


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Nov. 19th, 2008 11:02 pm (UTC)
To be perfectly honest, Jack hadn't come out here to be deep and meaningful and contemplate the meaning of life and love and the repercussions of a broken heart on the grass, gazing at the sky and dreaming of a more beautiful reality...

In truth he was just out here to smack a few bludgers about the place and try to hit some charmed flying targets while he was at it.

Not to say that he hadn't been upset by Blake's disappearance. On the contrary, he was pretty gutted about the whole thing: that Blake hadn't told him anything about it, that he was gone, that Tad looked so edgy that even Jack didn't dare make fun of him about anything lately, and he knew that Lanisa was worrying about where Blake and Abigail Jay might be now. It was Jack's preferred way of dealing with this whole thing was by taking it out on a bludger.

However, as he reached the Quidditch pitch he noticed somone lying in the middle of it. Thinking someone had hurt themselves he quickened his pace, but he soon realised that it was just a Mags in its natural habitat and lost in it's own thoughts.

"Alright love?" he asked her as he sat down on the ground next to her and setting his broom on his other side. "...Take it you're not copin' too well with it all, eh?"
Nov. 20th, 2008 03:25 am (UTC)
Mags cast Jack a sideways glance as he appeared by her side, sitting down in the frosty grass too. “Nope,” she replied flatly, staring at the night sky as she said this. “But I decided like… I’m not gonna be a whiny bitch ‘bout it anymore. I narrowed it down to two situations, either I’ll become a nun or a lesbian… ‘cept I’m not Catholic and I think girls are clingy, crying twigs so… I dunno, guess that rules out my options.” She sat up too, realizing that there were bits of frost in her mangled hair. She didn’t try to fix it either, not really bothered with how frightening she probably looked right now.

“And like I know I shouldn’t be bothered with what the others are sayin’ ‘cause it’s not like it’s any of their business, but I feel like such a tool,” she admitted, despite the harsh blow her ego was taking. One thing Mags had enjoyed bragging about in the past was how she hadn’t let any one boss her around, not her passive parents, or her crude teachers and how she only relied on herself. She had even told Blake once that she didn’t need anyone taking care of her. That statement actually sounded pretty ironic now.

“Ugh men are such gits!” she complained, before quickly adding, “No offense Tracey but like... I’m just so angry at him, like I can’t even bring myself to say his name. I knew I shouldn’t have given him a second chance after that orgy incident… boys like him can’t be trusted, it’s their trousers that run the show.” She shook her head in disbelief, still troubled, still in disbelief at what Blake had done to her.

“Sorry, I should get off the field so that you can practice,” she mumbled, as she stood up and took her broomstick. “Good luck against Slytherin on Friday k? Word of advice, try to get your chasers to shoot in the far left hoop, their keeper seems to have trouble with his right-handed reflexes.”
Nov. 21st, 2008 09:13 pm (UTC)
"Don't think the nun garb would suit ya, love," Jack replied rather honestly. "Guess your only option's to start lookin' at girls. Heard Clayton put in an offer for ya. She's a nice wee girl, I'd take her up on it if I was you."

Wisely, he opted not to push joking around any further when Mags was in this sort of mood. He'd learned from his scolding a few days ago when he'd tried to mess around with Mags that it wasn't quite the way to cheer her up.

"None taken.," he went on as Mags forged on with a rant against men, and against Blake. He was actually silent for once, realising that even he couldn't defend what his friend had supposedly done. Running off with your ex without bothering to tell your girlfriend... well it was pretty bad... nobody deserved to be treated like that, least of all Mags, who'd been screwed over by guys in the past...

And before he knew it she was leaving. "Here, wait a sec!" he called, getting to his feet too. "You don't have to be on your own at the minute, you know? I wasn't gonna practice anythin' in particular, we could go hang out if you'd rather talk to someone just now... Besides," he added, suddenly aware of the awkwardness he might have created with that offer. "It's not like you can talk about other people's game... I've seen you tryin' to fake and let me tell ya, it would hardly convince my baby sister. Looks like you're a terrible liar even in Quidditch."
Nov. 21st, 2008 09:38 pm (UTC)
Mags suddenly forgot all the gathered rage she had accumulated towards Blake the minute Jack started getting at her about her Quidditch abilities. If there was one thing that she could always get defensive about, it was certainly just that! “Oh you did not just say that Tracey,” she said, turning around on her heel and marching right back up to him angrily. “If I was such a bad faker mate then how come I got ten goals past your keeper last game? And if I can recall, we won that match too! So which is then? Either I am a really goos liar or ya just got a really bad keeper! I’m gonna go with number two ‘cause ya the one who picked him since Adams graduated! So that would make you a bad captain too!”

She stood there quite pleased with herself, with her arms crossed and a smug smile evident on her face. She hadn’t even realized that Jack had managed to get her to stop thinking about Blake and Abby for just a second. She was way too preoccupied with defending her honor, especially in front of her rival! For as long as she could remember, Jack and Mags had been at each other’s throats when it came to Quidditch and now that the two had recently been appointed Captains of their teams, that level of competition had escalated to a whole new level.

I on the other hand, picked a perfect seeker and as a result of my good captainship, we’re practically undefeated and are so winning the cup this year again!” she announced boldly. “Anyway, maybe you should practice a bit more, you wouldn’t want to accidentally hit yourself with a bludger now would ya? Hate to break it to ya Tracey but your aim sucks dragon balls!”
Nov. 21st, 2008 10:19 pm (UTC)
"A bad day, love, that's all it was. You'll not get any more past my keeper, that's a promise alright?" In truth Jack had been furious about that match. It had been hard to replace Robin Adams. Last year's graduation had been a bit of a blow for school Quidditch in general, with a lot of good team members leaving, and very few people had much interest in taking on the modest position of keeper. It took patience, quick reactions and decent accuracy to perform a job that got very little fame or praise. That sort of attention usually went to Chasers and Seekers, and least of all to keepers. Replacing them was therefore a bit of a bitch, but he refused to admit that his keeper wasn't exactly stellar. "I'm a bloody fantastic captain anyway," he went on, mentally dusting himself down. "Always out here I am, always plotting... if I told ya what it wouldn't be a surprise though," he added, somewhat defensively.

Trying to disguise his urge to smile at having accidentally distracted Mags from her angst, he continued. "You better watch with your seeker that she remembers what day her matches're on or you might be in a wee spot of bother come match day, I'm just sayin' love, if you don't show up for the interview ya shouldn't get the job, says somethin' about how you're gonna get on, like. And here, where do you get off talkin' about my aim? We both know I could knock that bloody pidgeon right out of the sky if I wanted, Rowley! I'm just too nice to prove it right now is all. Cleanin' out the poor bird's not worth it to prove a point to ya, Princess!"
Nov. 21st, 2008 10:38 pm (UTC)
Mags couldn’t help but gasp in disbelief when Jack started mouthing off her seeker. That was almost like a direct insult towards her decision-making capabilities as a captain! “My seeker has never missed a game!” she retorted defensively, throwing her broomstick down. “And she never will either! So- so- shut your gob about it!” She shoved Jack just for good measure in proving her point. She was definitely, without a doubt or hint, the better captain here. She was going to lead her team to victory and she was also the only one here who was one step away from playing pro! And she wasn’t going to have her team play a bad season and jeopordize her chances of playing in a league next summer!

“You know, this is why you’ve always pissed me off Tracey,” she continued in a rant, prodding him in the chest as she said this. “You’ve got a head bigger than the entire bloody castle and you’ve actually got the nerve to start slabbin’ off about my game. I swear to God, you better be wearin’ a helmet next match we play against you stupid ‘claws ‘cause I will personally hurtle a bludger at your stupid fat head!” She pushed him again.

Nov. 21st, 2008 10:57 pm (UTC)
"Last time I checked, you were a chaser, love," Jack replied, almost smugly, despite being shove back a few paces by his arch nemesis. "You're s'posed to catch the big red ball and chuck it in the hoop. There's three of 'em to make it easier for ya and all. I'm meant to belt the ball ya. Y'know, I'm glad we had this wee talk. I think it'll help ya improve your game a lot!"

He raised his eyebrows. "You get on like a bloody wee Princess sometimes, you do. Went home in the summer and got yourself a contract and now you think you're somethin'! Let me tell you somethin', love. You're no different to me now than what you were last year, Rowley. No matter what happens when you leave Hogwarts, no matter how big a star you get, you're still the same bloody stupid Mags Rowley to me, alright?!"
Nov. 21st, 2008 11:16 pm (UTC)
She could have murdered him for that comment, really she could have. And she was just about to retort some snide remark about how she knew what she was supposed to do, that she only wanted to chuck a bludger at his head just for the sake of giving him a concussion, but Jack cut off her when he started getting at her about her newly sought fame. She hadn’t really changed though, had she? Sure, she had a heck of a lot more friends this year and plenty of male attention, but that didn’t make her a snob… did it? She had never really thought about it before, never assuming that perhaps people only wanted to talk to her now because she was somewhat famous. And in the end, was she really that famous to begin with?

“I…” She really didn’t know what she could reply with at this point and just stood there stumped by this sudden realization. Finally, she looked up at Jack and a hint of a smile was somewhat evident on her face.

“Aye… for once, you got your bloody point across Tracey,” she responded softly, before taking a few strides towards Jack and kissing him squarely on the mouth without any sign of hesitation or after thought.
Nov. 22nd, 2008 12:10 am (UTC)
In the shocked silence following his speech, Jack actually wondered if Mags was going to explode. Maybe he'd gone too far with that last dig, he'd basically told her that he new-found sporting fame had turned her into a snob. One thing that Mags was known for besides Quidditch was the fact that she was quite possibly the most well-grounded person in the history of ever.

Except, suddenly she was kissing him out of nowhere. His first instinct was to get the hell out of there as soon as possible, still linking her in his mind to Blake. But... in a moment that seemed to matter less. Hadn't Blake left with someone else, after all? He'd shown he didn't want Mags, didn't even respect her enough to break up with her before he ran off with Abigail Jay... Before he knew it, he was kissing her back, forgetting that they were standing in the middle of an empty Quidditch pitch and it was freezing and that at some point not so long ago, he'd actually planned to come out here and practice smacking a stupid ball around before he'd run into this stubborn, argumentative girl...

He pulled away from her, looking down at her with a rare hint of confusion on his face. "Well, Rowley, that's one way to win a fight... but you've backed yourself into a bit of a corner. D'you really wanna open that door?"
Nov. 22nd, 2008 12:30 am (UTC)
Once they had separated again, Mags spared a moment to ponder what she had just done. For one thing, she was threading in on dangerous territory again, another boy, another impending relationship… all potential possibilities that could ultimately lead to a heartbreak on her part. But the factor that had played into ruling out all of those cons, one that she would never own up to having, was the fear of being alone. It had first surfaced with Dante, bottling itself up again when she had started going out with Blake, only to spew out all over the place after he had left.

“Yeah… I mean… I’m game if you are Tracey,” she mumbled quietly, rubbing her arms now that she realized just how cold it was outside. How had she managed to stay out here for so long without freezing to death? “Just don’t wanna fuck up again this time is what I mean.”

And during all this time, she hadn’t even begun to consider what effects dating her ex-boyfriend’s best friend might have on everyone, but she didn’t care. It wasn’t any of their business and the one person who would be affected by this didn’t even give a rat’s ass about her anyway.
Nov. 22nd, 2008 12:42 am (UTC)
There was a pause as Jack thought about everything that had just happened and what might happen now. His mind kept drifting to Blake, and he had to force himself not to think about him because Blake had left without thinking of anyone else. Why shouldn't they do this.

"Here, as long as there's a guy involved, you should've learned by now that you won't be the one who's gonna fuck up." He hesitated. "I'll try not to that. Actually if we both try not to do that we'll be doing well." He was aware that this might be a rebound thing for Mags... and yet he found himself trying to ignore that idea.

"I know you're in a bit of a tizz just now though... if you change your mind, you can get out any time you want, alright?"
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