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Log Title: What must we do to restore our innocence...?
Location: Fifth Floor Corridor
Characters Involved: Abigail Jay (innerscrutiny ) and Blake Parker (youllbeokay )
Summary of Log: Abby gets kidnapped.
Rating: PG-13ish

Abby looked down at her wristwatch, realizing that it was half past ten now. Her shift was over for the night. Turning to the other Prefect she was on duty with, she said, “Time’s up, I’ll see you on Thursday Foley.” The other boy nodded and bid her good-bye, heading back towards his own house as she rounded the corner of the fifth floor corridor. It was one of the more eerie paths to the Ravenclaw Tower, but Abby didn’t mind it so much. Most had avoided this area entirely last year with the Omen attacks, but there was no issued warning of terror this year to steer clear from. Unless you counted Blake’s mysterious disappearance, but most of the students had ruled out alcoholism as the reason for the seventh year’s abrupt departure from Hogwarts.

As for Abby, she couldn’t care less where Blake had gone to, as long as he was gone, but if people asked her, she said she too thought he had a drinking problem. Maybe he had left because of her… the last time the two had spoken; it had ended on rather cruel terms. Who knew… she’d probably never find out what had really happened to Blake Parker. Besides, she had more important people to think about, like her brother and Oliver… Oli… he had done so much for her without ever asking anything in return. She had knew now that the feelings she had for him, the ones that would always cause a stir whenever he was around or if she heard even just his name, were more than just friendship. She liked Oli.. like liked him that was, and she was fairly certain he felt the same way about her too.

Although there seemed to be a mutual agreement between the two about their relationship, they had never actually spoken about it. Perhaps it was time to do so. She wanted to be his girlfriend and she also wanted him to know that. She had been so angry when he asked her if she was worried about Blake, secretly wondering if he still thought she had feelings for her ex-boyfriend. She needed to clarify with him that whatever she had felt for Blake in the past, it was long gone. Deciding that she couldn’t wait until morning, she stopped to take her network parchment from her bookbag and began to scribble an entry on it.


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Nov. 9th, 2008 08:34 pm (UTC)
Since being handed his mission to kidnap Abigail Jay, Blake had been handed the proper attire for this - supposedly easy - kidnapping. The robes, the mask, everything was there for him... and he supposed the only thing that was missing was the desire to actually follow Voldemort and carry out anything he asked. Ever since the death eaters had appointed Blake with this task to kidnap his former girlfriend, he'd been considering running the moment he was free. But what good would that have done?

Eventually, Blake had managed to convince himself that this was the right thing to do... though he really had no idea how he'd come to that decision. So here he was, in Hogwarts, stealing Abby for God knows what reason. What exactly was going to happen to Abby when she was taken to the death eaters anyway...? ... Ugh, he didn't want to think about it. Anything could happen to her in there, and he wouldn't be able to stop it...

It had taken him a while, but he'd finally been able to track her down amongst all of the corridors in Hogwarts. He really didn't want to do this... but at the same time, he needed to ensure Mags' safety. If anything happened to her... well, he'd never be able to forgive himself for it. So with a deep sigh, Blake whispered under his breath to cast a heavy mist around Abby. He was just hoping that this really would be easy, and he wouldn't have to resort to hurting her...
Nov. 9th, 2008 08:46 pm (UTC)
Abby was lost in her own thoughts and fantasies, right in the middle of imaging Oliver professing his love to her with a bouquet of flowers and the promise of being hers forever when she realized that she couldn’t see where she was going anymore. Had the lights of the corridor been extinguished or something? She couldn’t even see two feet in front of her! She put her network parchment away and took her wand out quickly, whispering, “Lumos.” And still the spell proved unsuccessful and it couldn’t even penetrate through the thick mist (she had established this much at that point) that had enveloped her in. She turned around, then again, and again, unable to see anyone else there.

“Hello?” she called, feeling a little scared now. However, she quickly brushed that fear off, reminding herself that she was a Prefect and she was capable of handling anything these pesky students had to throw at her. It was probably a small group of Slytherins or something, bored on a Sunday night before classes seeking to reek havoc. She wasn’t scared of them… or anyone else for that matter! She was able to protect herself after all.

“Listen you guys caught the wrong person tonight,” she snapped, now getting angry at whoever had decided to blind her. “I’m a Prefect and I have every intention of reporting the antics of waster students who have nothing better to do and also feel the need to bother others in order to make up for their dreary existences… now kindly remove this fog or I’ll do it myself and have you all suspended.”
Nov. 9th, 2008 09:44 pm (UTC)
Well, as much as he'd wished for this to be easy, Blake hadn't really anticipated it. He paused for a moment before he considered his next move. He didn't really want to scare her... that was a little pointless, and anyway, it was more than likely that she was going to be scared the moment she was taken to the death eaters.

Okay, he seriously had no idea what to do here. Well, now he knew why he hadn't been sorted into Slytherin, in the first place, anyway. Blake may have been good at spells and such, but he was no good at scheming, attacking or any kind of horrible behaviour, in all honesty. Maybe that was something the death eaters should have taken into account before kidnapping him...

Could he really do this? Sure, he'd sounded confident in front of the death eaters, but Blake was doubting himself now that it had come down to it. So... a quick body-bind spell would do it, wouldn't it? Though, he did want to give her some kind of chance to escape... To make it look like an accident that she'd gotten away? But then Mags would... Ok, he needed to take Abby with him. There was no doubt about that... no matter who it angered.

He sighed. "Expelliarmus." Blake wasted no time in disarming Abby. Even if he wasn't going to hurt her, she was probably going to fight back at him... and wouldn't waste time fighting back if she actually realised who exactly was attacking her. No, this was going straight to begging. Though, if the begging didn't work, he did have a back-up plan. This was down to muggle tactics now. He had more knowledge about that than he did wizarding ones...

Emerging himself in the mist now, Blake cast a barrier around the mist as a back-up way to stop Abby running away from him, then he walked forward slowly until he had sight of his ex-girlfriend. When he knew for sure that she could see him too, he simply held out his hand in front of him and whispered "Come with me."
Nov. 10th, 2008 03:41 am (UTC)
Cursing, Abby whirled around, trying to figure out which way the little buggers had cast her wand to. When she’d find out who these gits were… she stared harshly at the approaching figure, but expression immediately jumped to one of surprise when she realized who it was. However, once she had gotten over who it was, she felt even angrier than before, clenching her fists tightly together. What the hell was Blake Parker playing at? It was bad enough the had worried half the school with his disappearance, but really now, this was way out of line… even for him! Was his alcohol problem that bad?

“Have you lost your fucking mind?” she snapped at him, slapping his hand away from her. “The whole school looked every where for you for days, until they got your letter saying you dropped out. You know, even if you are an alcoholic, you could’ve have at least told someone… Tad, your girlfriend or Alice! They were all worried sick about you and quite frankly, I’m sure they’re even a little hurt that you didn’t bother telling them anything before taking off like that! And you’ve got another thing coming at you if you think that I’m going to go any where with you.”

She turned to leave, only to collide head-on with an invisible barrier. What the…? She turned to face Blake with her arms crossed. “Give me my wand Parker,” she warned him. “Are you drunk right now? Look, you need help… clearly… and I’m sure if you go talk to Professor Dumbledore or something he can get it to you… whatever you have planned for me, let it go… it’s not going to work.”
Nov. 10th, 2008 12:57 pm (UTC)
Blake wasn't at all surprised when Abby refused his request. Honestly, with the amount of times they had screamed at each other in the past, would she really just accept what he'd asked her without putting up a fight. Not Abigail Jay. Though, when she started spouting off about him being an alcoholic a small laugh escaped him. "You honestly think that's why I dropped out of here?" Blake scoffed, twirling his wand around his fingers, although not planning to use it at any point. It was more of a threat, than anything. "Abby, I was kidnapped... and if you don't believe that right now, believe me, you will do later..."

"Oh no Abby, I'm fine right now." Blake answered, pocketing his wand, and falling to his knees. "Abigail Jay... I am begging you, to come with me... Please." This was very uncomfortable. He knew, no matter how much he begged her, that this wouldn't work. Why would Abby listen to him after what he did? After all, she did hate him. He needed her to agree to this, but it looked like it was going to come down to agreeing by force...
Nov. 10th, 2008 01:04 pm (UTC)
Abby’s expression remained grounded as Blake spoke to her, although several questions arose when he mentioned ‘kidnapping’. Why would Blake be kidnapped, and who of all people, would want to kidnap him? And now he had fallen to his knees and was begging her to come with him? It sounded more like he was trying to kidnap her. Seriously. Shaking her head, she shrugged her bookbag from her shoulder and pulled out her network parchment again. If he wouldn’t release her, she’d let everyone else know what their precious Blake Parker had been up to.

“I’m going to tell everyone right now what you’ve been up to,” she said as she took out her quill too and started to scribble on the entry she had already started. “That way everyone can know what Blake Parker’s really been doing. I’m sure your girlfriend will be thrilled to hear that you’re trying to kidnap your ex, or worse, I think Tad will be hit the hardest with this news… he told you stay away from me.”
Nov. 10th, 2008 01:16 pm (UTC)
Blake stayed silent until Abby spoke up. As soon as she took out her network parchment, panic crossed him and he knew something needed to be done. He couldn't have her blabbing to the school about what he was being forced to do! That'd only have Mags-

Yeah, he couldn't have that. Quickly getting from his knees, he moved closer to her and snatched her parchment away, throwing it into the heavy mist behind them. This had gone too far, and it was obvious she wasn't going to agree to anything he was going to say to her. "I'm sorry Abby..." Blake whispered, pulling her close to him and forcing a piece of material to her mouth. Chloroform couldn't let him down here.
Nov. 10th, 2008 05:31 pm (UTC)
She had barely gotten Blake’s name on the parchment before she felt the piece of paper slip from her hands as her ex-boyfriend snatched it from her grip. “BLAKE!” she screamed at him, although she had no time to even move an inch before she felt herself being rough-handled. “Wha-” Her words were muffled by a piece of cloth Blake was attempting to force onto her face. Her immediate reflex was to push him away from her, but regardless of how tough Abby thought she was, she was still no match against an eighteen-year-old male.

She was scared now. Whatever problems Blake did or didn’t have, he was trying to kidnap her… and she was frightened by this prospect. There was nothing more terrifying than being taken against your will, becoming the helpless victim who is unsure about the outcome of their fate. She didn’t want to go anywhere with Blake, she wanted to be back in her dormitory, she wanted to be curled up next to Oliver… she wanted him to hold her… she wanted him to tell her that… that…

Her attempts to pry herself free from him became weaker and weaker, as the chloroform began to take affect on her senses and drowse her mind. In a matter of seconds, her head lolled to the side, her hands dropped limply and her legs gave away as she lost consciousness, submitted to the mercy of whatever Blake Parker had in store for her.
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