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Log Title: Maybe I'm not enough
Location: Owlery
Characters Involved: Alice Parker (piecesofhope</lj> ) and anyone who wishes to join.
Summary of Log: Alice is trying to figure out the Blake mystery.
Rating: G

Blake, where are you? What happened?

Blake's gone. They say he's dropped out, but...

This was officially ridiculous.

Blake couldn't have dropped out. Blake wouldn't have dropped out. He was stupid sometimes, there was no denying that, but even he wouldn't do something like this. The last thing she had heard was that he was happy here. Plus mum would murder him if he dropped out of school. He was smart enough not to risk that. She knew Blake well enough to know that this whole story was insane.  At least... she thought she did. 

Besides, if he had left he would have told her first. It didn't matter what that Slytherin girl said, he was her brother and he wouldn't do this. He loved her. No one could tell her otherwise.

And... even if he hadn't told her he would have told one of the others. Tad, Jack, Lanisa... None of them knew anything. She needed to talk to someone to find out what was going on, but the scrunched up remains of letters in her pockets showed how well her plan was going. She couldn't send an owl to Blake. Where would she address it to?

The current parchment in her hand was supposed to be a letter to her parents. If Blake really had dropped out then surely they would know. What could she write, though? Sighing, she scratched furiously over another paragraph. This was... ridiculous.


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Nov. 7th, 2008 06:07 pm (UTC)
Mags was still trying to sort Blake’s disappearance in her head too. At first, she had been worried that he had been attacked by something inside the forest, perhaps having strayed in. She knew how easy it was to avoid the rules sometimes… she had done so when Dante had chucked her quaffle in the forest and had wanted to retrieve it. In the end, the two had nearly escaped a death encounter by her ability to fly them both out on her broomstick. Or else, they would have been chowder to whatever had been chasing them.

Still, now that this letter had come into the headmaster’s office, claiming that Blake had dropped out and rumors were circulating of an alcohol problem, she wasn’t so sure what to think now… surely Dumbledore would recognize a forgery? The circumstances regarding his sudden leave of absence were just too weird… he had been going to send an owl to his parents, told her he’d be right back… and none of his friends nor his sister had been advised of his decision. Something didn’t add up.

She entered the Owlery in false hope of finding some sort of clue that would justify that perhaps Blake’s disappearance hadn’t been intentional. She took notice to her boyfriend’s little sister almost instantly when she walked in. “Alice… hey…” she said, unsure what to say, but she noticed the little girl’s distress. “What are you doing up here alone?”
Nov. 7th, 2008 07:43 pm (UTC)
Alice glanced up from the last ink-blotted page as she heard the door creak open, initially planning to ignore whoever entered until she realised that she knew this girl. Mags, the girl that Blake liked and until recently hadn't stopped moping about. She mentally rolled her eyes. Teenagers!

Placing the letter down by her side, she smiled politely up at Mags. "Just... writing." She answered rather pathetically, not wanting to go in to it. She didn't want to start this conversation in case she ended up whining like some little baby. Mags was probably feeling the same way though. If there was anyone to talk to about this, it was her.

"I wanted to write to mum and dad about Blake. Do you think someone's told them?" Surely if their son had gone missing they would have been notified. "If he's dropped out with a drinking problem maybe the school thinks they must know... But if they knew, wouldn't they have talked to me about it?" She laughed as she realised how much she'd said. "I'm rambling."

Sighing, she trailed off and stared at her hands. "I don't believe any of it." She muttered, barely audible. "Do you?"
Nov. 10th, 2008 05:59 am (UTC)
Mags pondered what Alice said for a moment. Surely it seemed reasonable for the school to notify the Parkers about their son’s departure, but then again, Blake was legally an adult now, so Hogwarts wasn’t obliged to go through his parents anymore. “They might have,” she said slowly. “But Blake’s seventeen now, so they might not have either. You should write and ask them though. I think they deserve to know either way.” She paused. “Maybe they didn’t want to upset you either Alice… if Blake really has a drinking problem, then that’s fairly serious you know.”

She shook her head when Alice asked her if she believed the rumors. “I think he would have at least told Tad,” she said, unsure whether or not she should tell Blake’s little sister that she feared the worst for her brother.

“I actually came up here because… well… I was hoping to find something that Blake might have left behind,” she explained sheepishly. “This was the last place he said he was going to before he disappeared… he was sending a letter to your parents, but…” She looked around. “It doesn’t look as though anything’s been misplaced here.”
Nov. 10th, 2008 06:36 pm (UTC)
Alice nodded along as Mags suggested answers for all of her questions. Blake was an adult now, so he could do whatever he wanted. If he had drinking problem he probably wouldn't go back to their parents. It all added up to a perfectly plausible explanation, and something about that made her so frustrated that she wanted to cry. It wasn't that she wanted her brother to be missing and in danger... but the idea that he had just left them all was almost as painful.

This wasn't her Blake. He cared about her... how many times had she told herself that lately?

"That'd be too easy." Alice muttered with a faint laugh, standing up to help Mags look around the room for any clues as to where Blake had gone. "It only works that way in stories."

Nov. 10th, 2008 11:02 pm (UTC)
Mags sighed, taking her network parchment out of her pocket. “Yeah I know, maybe’s someone’s heard of Blake, I think I heard Tad saying he was going to try to write to him,” she said, scanning its contents before Jessica Berenices’ entry caught her eye. She started to read it and her heart instantly dropped right into her stomach.

Apparently that Jay girl ran away with Blake Parker!

She reread it again, then a third time, and finally a fourth one just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. And yet, each time she went over the girl’s entry again, the words burned through her just as badly as they had the first time around. Suddenly, all the worries she had in the past of Blake’s feelings for Abby resurfacing at some point in time, they all came flooding back. She suddenly felt so stupid, so blind, so naïve and pathetic even for ever believing that Blake Parker had actually loved her. This had all been a charade of his, a sham to have people believe that he and Abby were history. She had merely been a pawn in his game, and now she being knocked off the board game.

“We were both wrong,” she said to Alice now, her face beginning to crumble under the amount of pain slowly eating away at her now. “Turns out he just ran away with Abby… check your network, it’s up on it now.” She ran both hands through her hair, clenching at it as she bent over in obvious distress over this news.

Finally, she sniffed and straightened back up, putting her piece of parchment away. “I’m sorry Alice… I… I have to go,” she muttered, and she turned to leave quickly, quickly issuing herself out before Blake’s sister could catch a glimpse of the tears spilling down her cheeks.
Nov. 11th, 2008 08:35 pm (UTC)
"Really? Do you think he'll get a reply?" Alice asked doubtfully, looking back at Mags just in time to catch her face falling. "What's- Hey, what's up?" She started. What could she have read? Fearing for the worst, she hurried to get her own parchment out of her pocket.

"He- He WHAT?!" She nearly ripped her parchment trying to get at it faster, scanning quickly to find Jessica's entry. The message was clear- Blake had run away with Abby Jay. She dropped to sit back down next to Mags, reading it over and over in disbelief. Too frozen in shock to even call after Mags as she fled, she simply glanced up and then back to the parchment. Had she really been that wrong about Blake? Had her brother really deserted them?
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